Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Who knows these advantages of Audio Books?

With the incredible advantage of listening to your favorite book instead of reading it, the popularity of audio books has now gone through the roof. There are now more and more book titles with audio book versions.

Think about it!

With audio books you can now save that extra time you spend reading a chapter on your favorite motivational book each morning before you leave for work. Apart from saving extra time, you are gaining extra knowledge in the process.

You can simply put it on to play while you prepare for work or even play it in your car on your way to work. No wonder children, adults and even oldies have fallen head over heels in love with audio books. Below are some of the specific advantages that audio books have over normal hardcover or paperback books:

A whole lot of advantages
  • Audio books are more cost effective to produce than hardcover and paperbacks. More so, those who love to conserve nature insist that if all books are audio instead of hardcover and paperbacks, this will save more trees and keep the earth better than it is today.
  • You can select the exact track you want to listen to instead of flipping through several pages in the case of normal books. This saves a great deal of time and makes it very comfortable for you.
  • You can listen to audio books while doing other things in the house, while commuting to and from work or even while jogging. With an audio book someone else does the reading, while you do the absorption.
  • You can listen to an audio book when its dark (example - when you are out camping and you've got no lights) but you can't read a book when it's dark. So, with an audio book you can go on vacation and still enjoy what the audio book has to offer.
  • You can save the time you spend reading to your kids each night before they sleep with an audio book. Unlike a normal paperback or hardcover book that you have to read to your kids, with an audio book you can simply play it for them until they fall asleep, thereby saving you the time. More so, audio books that are specifically for children are more fun than your reading can be. You probably were not trained to talk like a rabbit, right? But most of the narrators of children's audio books were trained to read in ways that children love.

Friday, 8 December 2006

Audiobooks To Generate Billion Dollar Business

In the next few weeks I will be creating a web site to help promote the wonderful world of downloadable spoken word audio content. It is not tied to any one publisher and so is completely independent and impartial as far as content, reviews and marketing are concerned. When creating the site the aim was to provide an informative and easy to use site for lovers of spoken word content and allow the easy downloading of the titles of your choice.

Can I use these files on an iPod?
Yes! All you need to do is burn the files to CD first (this is a step we'd always recommend as it is wise to make a physical backup copy of anything you buy just in case your computer ever fails or is stolen) and then rip that CD straight into iTunes. You can then transfer the audio to your iPod in the normal way.

Can I copy the files onto audio CDs and listen on my hi-fi or in-car system?
Yes! Copying the files to an audio CD on your computer is quick and easy, particlarly if you are using Windows.

I will be making these titles available for my affiliate network, so watch this space!!

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